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Design Thinking Report is ready!

We have received scientific analysis of reports, articles and books on Design Thinking! We create a substantive report that will present the obtained data. Do you want to receive a document describing the scientific basics of Design Thinking? Leave us your e-mail address and we will send it to you as soon as it is ready! The first part of the report you can find below.

Do you want to receive the 2nd and the 3rd part of Design Thinking Report? Write us an e-mail!

We support innovation and creativity

Nowadays, the market is created by users: they choose from many similar products and services. Winning a customer is about creating value for a specific user. We support organizations in creating innovations that meet the needs of their current and potential customers. We run research projects in the field of Design Thinking effectiveness.

What can we do for you

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a tool that supports the organization's creativity, enabling adaptation of products, processes and services to the user’s needs. We offer a Moderator course - workshops based on scientific research and conducting a full process in the form of consulting.


Gamification is a technique that affects people's behaviour by creating processes and rules for rewarding users for specific behaviours. As a design center, we offer design of training games and design of incentive and loyalty systems.

Our projects

Design Thinking studies

Inprogress Design Lab has launched a research project to check which Design Thinking methods and tools are the most effective. We are pioneers: no empirical studies confirming the effectiveness of the Design Thinking process have been published so far.


Training games

We have designed training games and business simulations used during the implementation of accredited certification training by Inprogress. While creating games, we went through all the stages of Design Thinking, focusing on training participants’ needs.

Design Thinking Consulting

We have conducted Design Thinking workshops for Inprogress, in which new, innovative training concepts were developed.


Our team

Rafał Czarny

Director for Innovation and Development

Michał Eromin


Małgorzata Stefańska

Marketing Manager

Olga Bogusz

Junior Designer

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